Aircraft Details

Date of Manufacture1972
Manufacturers SN14291
Total Time since Newapprox 4,490 hrs

Engine Information

Engine Type/ModelPratt & Whitney J52-P8B
Takeoff Thrust Rating9,300 lbs
Engine Total Time6,700 hrs
Last Inspection Hrs/Date6,700 hrs/08July2005
6,700 hrs/08July20056,700 hrs/08July2005
Component/Limiting Time RemainingRR Cmprsr Turb Shaft/455 hrs
Engine History/Maintenance RecordsSupplied - on CD
Last Maintenance FacilitySAFE Air Ltd, New Zealand
Last Inspection750 hr MEI/SAFE Air Ltd
Engine ConditionServiceable - SAFE Air Ltd

Aircraft Refurbishment and Inspection Details

  • Complete Overhaul/IRAN.
  • Unnecessary equipment removed to reduce the empty weight of the aircraft.
  • Wing X-ray and visual inspection per McDonnell Douglas/Navy Maintenance Manual - report included.
  • Forward Fuselage section inspected - all major components removed for overhaul and NDT inspection - reports included.
  • Wing components removed for overhaul, NDT and visual inspection.
  • Aft fuselage section X-ray, overhaul to TA-4 specification.
  • Aft fuselage section components removed for overhaul, NDT and visual inspection - reports included.
  • All wing and tail bolts and bushings inspected/magnafluxed - reports included.
  • Pitot Probe relocated to vertical fin per Navy ASC. Pitot-Static hoses/lines replaced.
  • Hydraulic System - All components removed/overhauled/tested. All system fluids flushed and replaced.
  • All Hydraulic System filters cleaned and/or replaced - aluminum fittings replaced with stainless steel.
  • Electrical System - nearly every wire replaced, marked and installed per Navy Maintenance Manual electrical schematics. Unecessary (bombing/targeting etc) electrical components removed.
  • Fuel System - all components removed/overhauled/tested or replaced as required. Integral wing tanks pressurized and leak checked.
  • Borescope of Engine - report included. Engine history/records included.
  • Complete Landing Gear overhaul.
  • New Nose and Main Wheel Bearings.
  • New Nose and Main Wheel Tires.
  • New Brake Pucks.
  • Complete cockpit refurbishment and detailing.
  • All warning lights, switch nomenclature, and required placards remarked with original silkscreen backlit panels.
  • Paint: Complete strip, etch, prime and paint to buyer's color specifications included.
  • All markings and decals applied.
  • All screws and fasteners cad-plated or stainless.
  • Dash-1 (NATOPS Flight Manual) - included (CD).
  • TA-4J Aircraft Pilot's Checklist - included.
  • Complete Maintenance Manuals included (CD).
  • Includes FAA approved Maintenance Manual.
  • Aircraft weighed and a new weight and balance prepared.
  • N518TA will be delivered certified for flight in the Experimental-Exhibition Category.
  • Ground and flight training is available by an experienced and certified A-4 examiner. Minimum checkout time is 10 hours. Cost not included in price.

Avionics Package Included in Price

1SandelSN4500Attitude Indicator
1GarminGNS400WGPS (WAAS)
1CollinsAHS1000SAttitude Heading Reference System
2CollinsVHF22VHF Communications System
1CollinsVIR32NAV/GS/MKR Navigation System
1CollinsTDR94Transponder - Mode S
3CollinsCTL22Communications Control
1CollinsCTL32Navigation Control
1CollinsCTL94Transponder Control
2NATAA12-001Audio/ICS System
1RC AllenRCA26BK9Attitude Indicator (Aft Seat)
1SandelSN3500EHSI (Aft Seat)
1SandelSG102AHRS (Aft Seat)
1HoneywellKMD150MFD (with GPS)
2ComantCI108Com Antenna (high speed)
1ComantCI 105Transponder Antenna
1ComantCI 120GSNav/GS Antenna
1ComantCI 507NAV/GS Diplexer
1ComantCI 110-40DME/Transponder Antenna
11ComantCI 110-40DME/Transponder Antenna
2DavtronM877BChronometer/elapsed time indicator
1DavtronM803OAT / Voltmeter


  • 679gal/4583lbs internal fuel
  • Flight Hour Recorder
  • Dual Controls
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • Oxygen System xx cu ft.
  • Emergency Locator Beacon
  • Standby Attitude Indicator
  • Ground Service Plug
  • Standby Generator (RAT)
    • Available options
      • Autopilot.
      • Strobe lights.
      • Ejection seat made operational.

Aircraft Specifications

    Weights and Loading

    Weight in Lbs
    Approximate Empty Weight*10,000*
    Max internal weight24,500
    Max internal and external fuel using 2 x 300 gallon Aero 1-D wing tanks8,633
    *Empty weight depends on avionics installed

    Fuel Load (useable)

    Wing/Fuselage Tanks679/4,583
    2 x 300 Gal Under Wing Tanks600/4,050

    Basic Performance Data (for a/c weight 16,000lbs)


    Maximum level speed660 Kts/.95M
    Stall Speed (Approach Power/Clean)122 Kts
    Stall Speed (Approach Power/Full Flaps & Slats)105 Kts
    Maximum sustained climb rate9,000 ft/min
    Time to climb to 20,000 ft2.5 minutes
    Range (with Under Wing Tanks):971 Nautical Miles
    Endurance (with Aero 1-D wing tanks)4 Hours
    Takeoff distance over 50 ft obstacle2,275 ft
    Landing Ground Roll.4,625 ft
    Maximum Altitude65,000 ft



    Wing Span27' 6"
    Length42' 7"
    Height15' 3"
    Wing Area260 sq ft